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How long will my order take? - Production time for CDs and DVDs

Your job will be produced between 2-8 working days (Runs over 3000 may take longer),  or if your job involves special CD/DVD packaging that is printed in spot colour, with Gold/Silver foil, embossing or other special finished. Please allow additional production time.

If you have a urgent CD or DVD order, please submit your order and artwork asap so production can commence without delay.

Do I need Duplication or Replication?

There are two methods of getting your data or music onto a disc, Duplication or Replication.

Duplication - This process involves ‘burning’ the data onto premade recordable disc media with a laser, similar to the process used in most home computers to copy or burn discs.

Duplication orders can be turned around quickly and there is no minimum quantity. This process is typically used for quantities of 10-1000 discs and jobs with tighter deadlines.

Replication - Replication is used for large scale production of discs. The process involves creating a glass master of your disc, this then is used to make a nickel ‘stamper’ which is then used on an injection molding line to create the discs from scratch.

Due to the setups involved this process has minimum quantities of 500 units. The process also takes a little longer than Duplication so cannot be used for rushed or short turnaround orders.

How do I supply my files?

Audio CDs - When creating an audio CD we prefer to be supplied with either a pre-checked master disc or a DDP file set.

Please check all discs prior to supplying, it is worthwhile testing your media in several different CD players for consistency.

We suggest where possible to use a professional mastering service where possible and affordable To help you with this process.

If creating your own master please ensure you burn as an audio CD encoded at the highest possible quality. Make sure you verify your disc and listen to check for any errors.

We can accept individual music files (.wav, mp3, etc) as a last resort. Which we then create a master to copy. Please note though that as this is a complimentary service, and we are not familiar with the source material we are not responsible for the sound levels and quality or the final output.

DVDs - When supplying your files for a DVD order you will need to supply a DVD that has been authored to work in a DVD player. You cannot supply just raw video files, these will need to be authored as a DVD disc which will incur additional fees. You can also employ our services to author your DVD disc for you call or email us for a quote as prices vary depending on how complex your authoring requirements are.

If creating your own master DVD please verify and check your DVD for any errors prior to supplying to us.

Data DVDs or CDs - When supplying your files for a data disc order. It is recommended that you supply us with either with a master disc, a disc image file (iso, udf etc) or a zipped file with a document listing all files included that need copying.

When creating your master disc ensure you use disc verification and that you check your finished disc for any errors.


We include delivery to your door in all orders. We deliver to any address in Australia. Delivery is to a road address or PO BOX. If you required delivery to a house, we will instruct our couriers to leave the parcel if the house is unattended Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm.

Where possible - please supply us with a business address that is attended Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm. Our couriers can not call before delivery.

Split Delivery / Mailouts

If you require your job split up and delivered to multiple addresses we can do this. Just let us know on your order. Additional courier costs apply. We can also mail your individual disks/packages to your customers with other material if required. Contact us with your requirements.


We assemble all your paper printed parts and cases together with your disks.
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